Monday, October 20, 2008

Iran Catchs Pigeon Spy

fig. Pigeon

KASHAN, - Government officer security and safety in Natanz, Iran, catch two pigeon which is anticipated as spy at elbow facility enrichment of the state uranium.

According to report of Etemad Melli newspaper, Monday ( 20 / 10), one of done be cached by in Kashan Town, Isfahan Province. The animal is attached circular of difficult small steel and equipments seen by entropic eye.

" Beginning of this month, a black pigeon is cached to use circulus of iron having colour blue and other equipments, " said source which refuse to by mention its(the name to AFP press agency. The source do not mention how fate of bird is the next.

Natanz is station factory enrichment of uranium underground in Iran who(which location by do not far from Kashan. The factory activity frets Western countries and Israel suspecting by Iran develops nuclear weapon. Iran repeatedly argues the accusation. They call nuclear factory of Iran for industry and importance of peace.

Last year, Iran protests upper formal act of ACE sending by spy to observe nuclear program of them.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Found by Gladiator Mausoleum

Mausoleum a gladiator so called Markus Nonius Macrinus be recently found by in Roma by the ancient experts. Markus is gladiator pride of Emperor alive Marcus Aurelius by the end of second century for together battle in obtaining feather in one's cap in Europe continent.

" This historic invention about nation of Roma of vital importance by to see in clearly the life during 20 or 30 year, " said senior archeology, Daniella Rossi, in Roma, Sunday ( 19 / 10). The mausoleum is found alongside frontier north Town Via Flamia.

There is marble stone giving by inspiration and frieze which have by been looked after by respecting during for centuries. Altogether buried by in mud exactly by protects object Worth's it when deluge in Tiber River.

Rossi adds, still many again mausoleums the buried in mud and the existing the archeology go on looking for final resort mausoleum the the gladiators. Besides gladiator mausoleum, in the situs there is emperor residence which is in by Roma downtown, also believed by there is underground road, place of Emperor Caligula kills the soldier at that moment

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is there a Madonna-Alex Rodriguez Sex Tape?

fig. Madonna and Alex Rodriguez

Is there a Madonna-Alex Rodriguez Sex Tape? At least one video snapping voyeur says so!

An unidentified New York man is demanding fistful of cash for footage of Alex and Madge doing the mattress mambo in an apartment allegedly used by the pair for secret afternoon trysts.

In a series of emails to media outlets, the cameraman claims he is in possession of two month old footage of the pair having sex in a New York City apartment owned by a pal of Madonna.

The cameraman – who is also a friend of the apartment owner – claimed he found out about the pair’s secret affair and secretly installed a hidden camera in the living room with the lens pointed at the sofa.

The cameraman is willing to sell the tape to the highest bidder, with the asking price starting at $1 million.

But legal experts say if even if the sex tape is legit, the seller would likely face prosecution.

“If footage was obtained in this way it would be an outrageous invasion of privacy. Even if the video existed it would probably be seized by the courts.’’

Madonna’s lawyers in the meantime have said that they are “aware” of the claims but are not commenting.

Source : popcrunch
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