Sunday, February 14, 2010

Train Just Misses Man on the Tracks

It was a scary scene at a traffic crossing near Buenos Aires, Argentina when a man was almost struck by a train. He managed to get a stalled van out of the way but had to quickly jump back behind the tracks when the train came zooming by. (Feb. 10)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Low-Resolution Highlights of Squeaky footage from North Carolina, 2009

The full video is roughly 3.5 minutes long. This clip shows the best parts (the most movement), in slightly lower resolution than what is possible.

You can pay a few bucks to see the entire raw footage at or you can wait a few weeks for the full version in better resolution (not a whole lot better resolution though). Mike Greene will make the whole raw footage available for download, eventually, so you can rewind and watch it multiple times.

The download will cost a few bucks also, but it's still much cheaper than a DVD.

Greene feels he deserves something in return for the intermittent two (2) year effort he made to get this footage. We can't argue with him. It's his footage. All we could do was compromise. The compromise was to create a free version on YouTube with the best parts of the footage -- everything you'd really need to see.

The full raw footage (3.5 min.) includes the *intervals* between the moves of the animal. You certainly don't see more activity in the raw footage (the pay version).

It was a good compromise because it allowed us to show the parts of the footage and the story that we want people to see. Mike still retains a small revenue stream thogh, in the form of pay downloads to see the uninterrupted raw footage.

This footage was was obtained using a new technique that others should try. That is what makes it very important footage.

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