Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is Is It Correct That Mccain don't Understand Computer

In advertisement its campaign Obama all hollow jeers McCain problem do not understand computer technology. In campaign advertisement he mentions, McCain age by 72 year ignores how using computer and ignores way sends enamel.
In the campaign, Obama emphasizes that to be able to lead State, knowledge about technology is an absolute, while McCain age by 72 year be known really ignores many the problem of technologies.
The Side Of McCain do not receive the matter. They tell McCain always goes to bring laptop.

Do need an President understands computer technology?

How according to you?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today Google having acquisition TextCube

Today Google having acquisition Text Cube, a blog platform which is owned by TNC ( Tatter and Company), a company coming by Korean. CEO TNC, Chang Chyme depicts its company like Automattic owning by WordPresscom and manages WordPressorg. TextCube in Korea used by blogger-blogger top and TNC also works along with community open source in developing TextCubeorg same as Automattic in developing WordPress application.

Joyce Kim, a blogger, tell that TextCube has cleaner dashboard. In our TextCube also easier to integrate video, photograph and podcast in postings. It is said there are fitter drag-and-drop watering down by to enter photograph, format text around picture, create slide show, re size picture and others. Chyme calls that beauty of Text Cube lays in the modesty.

Story Of Nursemaid Barack Obama

Nothing Doing President Also, Mbak Nun Wish To Meet

Jakarta - Feel have never met since 32 last year, former nursemaid Barack Obama wish to meet. Even, although Obama do not become President USA, Mbak Nun wish to meet, remember his naughty.

" I disjointed since Barry class primary, since then I not have ever there are contact again, more than anything else Maya (the sister Obama), do not know contact where? Because since childhood he be also gone away with his mother, " said Lia ( 47) alias Mbak Nun which is met in its contract matter in Jalan Traditional party, Manggarai South, Tebet, Jakarta South, Friday ( 12 / 9 / 2008).

" I want meets to him, more than anything else I hear he wants to become President USA. I miss get if meeting, I remember to the mischief. President cancel to also I want meets, more than anything else Maya, his sister, " Mbak Nun flux also by confesses sure Barack Obama recognizes with himself, because she knows in left foot bent Obama is hurt ex- fall to got at the time of climbing mango tree.

Mbak Nun till the year 1981 himself still still working with Lolo Santoro family, stepfather Barack Obama during 10 year. " Since I married, I still liking to play to house Mr. Lolo in Menteng Dalam, " say her.

According To Mbak Nun, after mother and his stepfather divorced, himself for a while meet with Barry. That moment, Barry asks himself can follow, but do not be given by permit by its stepfather to be brought by to USA.

" Barry was crying that moment for a while. Of course after split-ups equal father, Barry, Virtual and his mother lives in Jackfruit Gangway, Ciputat some old, " she reasserted.

Barry himself before going for a while give souvenir to Mbak Nun. Mbak Nun examplizes, like two counterpanes, two glasses and souvenir house of custom Tanatoraja property of Barry is passed to himself and now is kept by in Sukabumi.
(mbak = miss)
Source : detikcom

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rupiah and share is slip

Jakarta - Reinforcement Wall street at commerce yesterday not able to having inspiration financial market of Indonesia. Rupiah exchange rate and Aliance Moving Average ( IHSG) re- fall to pieces.

At commerce of Tuesday ( 9/9/2008) at 10.20 time JATS, IHSG be directly clipped until 60,136 point ( 2,95%) to level 1.977,862. This is level is ugly by since 21 August 2007 then, when IHSG comes into contact level 1993.

While rupiah exchange rate also for a while be depressed in level 9.360 per US dollar before finally a few of rebound to 9.345 per US dollar.

Pre-eminent share based on commodity declines sharply. Like Earth Resources ( EARTH) Go Down Rp 275 becoming Rp 4.125, Astra International ( ASII) go down Rp 200 becoming Rp 19.650, Astra Agro Lestari ( AALI) go down Rp 1000 becoming Rp 14.950, Tin ( TINS) go down Rp 125 becoming Rp 2.050.

Regional stock be also knocked over keen decline after at commerce yesterday increase of after ACE government announced acquisition of Fannie-Mae and Freddie Mac.

Index Nikkei-225 in Stock Tokyo declines 185,43 point to level 12.439,03, Hang Seng declines 384,6 point to level 20.409,67, Shanghai Composite Index goes down 2,94 point ( 0,14%) to level 2.140,48.

Investor in Asian stocks market performed action profit taking after printing big increase yesterday, exploit momentum announcement of acquisition of Fannie-Mae and Freddie Mac.

Though at commerce of Monday ( 8/9/2008), index Dow Jones is closed by rising 289,78 point ( 2,58%) to level 11.510,74, Nasdaq rising 13,88 point ( 0,62%) to level 2.269,76 and S&P rising 25,48 point ( 2,05%) to level 1.267,79.

Europe Stock also follows enthusiastic. Index FTSE 100 in strong London that 3,92% to level 5.446,30, even for a while there trouble technical. While index CAC 40 Paris rising 3,42% to level 4.340,18 and DAX Frankfurt rising 2,22% to level 6.263,74

Anniversary to 10 google the more glorious

Date of 7 September then new Google to celebrate anniversary to 10. More and more business of the google.
Because initially google only as search engine. But now google a number of popular services property of them.
Like video You Tube internet. At October 2006 Google takes for the price of US$1,65 billion.
For blog, google has Blogger.
Then for map, there is googlemap, and others.
So, area of newest business Google is platform for mobile peripheral. Google has drawn up Android - name of the platform - to vie with Symbian and Windows Mobile in this business domain.
Asset Google business be now estimated has reached dollar billion. Though if observing back, there's nothing will numeral that Google genesis also begins from a hostel room and continues in bond.
The founder - Larry Page and Sergey Brin - now have enjoyed result of their hard work. They also unnecessary again have [its] office in bond, because now have owned head office luxury Google nan in Mountain View California, United States.

Happy Birthday Google

Sarah Palin refused by Oprah

Who did do not know Oprah Winfrey that is the Master of Ceremony show talc .
There is having news surprising that Oprah Winfrey refuses Sarah Palin as star guest in her Talk Show. The Observer.
But the matter are decision of Oprah because she is Democrat supporter, although team from Oprah divided to two citadels.
And, what do you think?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mccain and Commemorative Obama With Tragedy 11 September

Two candidates United States president ( ACE), John McCain and Barack Obama will meet. Both would seen with in ex- World Trade Canter ruins ( WTC) in New York to commemorate tragedy 11 September.

" We will come together at 9/11, not as people of Democrat or Republic Party, but as Americans. We will one as American family, " said second statement of senator is which by Saturday ( 6/9), as are published by Reuters.

" At the Thursday, we will overrule political and come with to strengthen unity, in honour of every member of America dies by, and condole to family and friend losing by man which they by loved. "

For both, this is the first time met since was nomination became Presidential Candidate ACE for general election 4 November 2008 coming. Actually, McCain and Obama for a while at the same podium in California last month. But, the moment takes place?run brief and insufficient when to immortalize it.

As are known, around 3.000 man dies in attack 11 September 2001, when plane which is ploughed by terrorist flows on WTC, Pentagon, and land in Pennsylvania.

" We will also render thanks to fire company, police, and officer listens carefully emergency exemplifying by heroic without individualistic, and for men or woman who(which devoted by self to keep up freedom and security and safety follows up attack in New York, in Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. "
Source : another news

Voice From Within Earth

Who did know content from within earth? What is in depth?

a researcher from Uni Soviet ( Russia) by the time performed a exploration into earth stomach.

In the end the exploration ( I do not know how much metre), team they hear voice people screams painful. Voice who they by heard make fear they.

According to you whose voice?

What they hear are people voice dies which is tortured by dickens in empire of dickens.

Spirit Mystery

I have ever read an article ( I forget the title?) about a researcher investigating by concerning whether human has spirit?

The researcher checks someone which has by been floated death. Of course man which is checked has got permit from its family. The the researcher makes a case from thin glass. The case is input by to ill man. And camera from all angle in confronting to it.

At the time of the man is not healthy exhale breath and at second also suddenly glass is it fore by barst a few.

Its conclusion is that is spirit from the man is not healthy the.

Mystery not?

Unique Creation

From body, spirit and your soul. Why there are three though you there is one? That is unique from God's creation. Human is the only God's creation owning by such system.

To be able to depict the matter I give a lead.

An apple have three things giving by impressive.

1. Feel sweet
2. Colour squeezes
3. globular.

So, there is how many the apple? Of course there is one. Are not three. So do you. :)

Three Divisions

Part of we divided to three divisions. That is body, spirit and soul.
Do you believe?

1. Body
Body is side which is seen from us. That is flesh and bone and parts of differ from our body
If our foot/feet us hit sure thorn we feel ill.

2. Spirit
What is the spirit? Spirit is not side seen by eye. If an dying hence he will lose its. Spirit moving by part of body.

3. Soul
Soul is part of body. Soul is emotion, hobby, sorrow from someone.

Do you believe other life besides in this world?

Where you will go after dead you?
Or before you were born, where you resided in?
That questions sure often passes by quickly mind us. Outside religion context, I feel surely something manages all these. According to you?
But who did manage all these? Who can answer?
Well. In this blog I of story about what I know. And to friend may pass it an opinion.


What you look for? Having news about this world? Or having news about other world. My intention is about having news outside reality. Like [is] there any heaven, [is] there any hell, [is] there any spectre, [is] there any being life outside this world?

This Blog wants to allot having news it to you, beside having news who happened in this world also.
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