Friday, March 4, 2011

'Behind the Cloud' - Alas, Another Hoax

'Behind the Cloud' - Alas, Another Hoax...


From Unknown Country:

I wish people would upload these full resolution as YouTube has the ability for 720-1080p.

It looks great but I noticed some popping effect when it first comes out of the cloud. The cloud is real and I don't see any added volumetric. But I wonder if the popping is pixels in the compression or his added effect if any. It's hard to imagine that someone talented enough to do this would let a popping or jerking go by.

I looked and looked for reactive lighting in the clouds from the bright blue light flash. I stared at the edges of the clouds trying not to notice the internal flash and didn't see any. But this is broad day light and we might not under these conditions.

The light brightness looks a bit off to me. But then again who is to say what it would look like it just looks too much like a Sci-Fi movie effect.

But it sure has that odd feeling and look to it that you and I have both seen. Much like the Camarillo video I shot it gets super bright and drops us little probes. Again if we could get the real video and analyze it proper I'm sure we could no one way or the other.

NOTE: A missing video frame right before the truck passes is a major problem (frames posted below). Very good attempt but, alas, another hoax..

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